Meet Max: our spunky little friend who lives with his family in California in the winter but spends most of their summers in Glacier Park. 

The summer of 2010, Max was enjoying vacation when he was attacked by two big dogs, causing very severe wounds. 

When his owners brought him in to Central Valley Animal Hospital, he had a large laceration to his abdomen so severe his intestines were protruding.  He was taken straight to surgery and it was realized that he also had fractures to his vertebrae.  His wounds were extensive and he was given a poor prognosis.  But this is one little dog that would not say die.  After several weeks of wound care and multiple surgeries, Max made a full recovery and is doing fantastic.

In 2012, Max returned again for the summer and this time got into a tangle with a mountain lion.  Luckily a person was close by and able to scare the mountain lion away before much damage had been done.  Max's wound did require a trip to see us but after only a few stitches, he has again healed perfectly.

Max is the only 15 pound dog we know that can walk away from a mountain lion attack.  We have all grown very fond of Max at Central Valley and we wish for some less exciting summer vacations for him!

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