Meet Mila: a young female pointer that lives in Kalispell, Montana. 

Her owners brought her to Central Valley Animal Hospital because her abdomen was very painful and she was vomiting.  It was discovered through radiography that her intestines were very abnormal.  She was taken to surgery and found that her entire intestinal tract was one giant abscess. 

At some point, Mila had eaten a wooden skewer which penetrated the intestinal wall.  The body tried to close off the infection but was unsuccessful and her entire abdomen was contaminated.  Most of her intestinal tract was no longer viable and needed to be removed.  

Her prognosis was poor but Mila’s very dedicated family wanted to provide her every chance to recover.  She recovered amazingly from surgery but began to lose weight because she didn’t have enough intestines to absorb the nutrients she needed. Her family continued to provide great nursing care and about 1 month after surgery we found she actually gained weight showing her body was adapting to her short intestinal track.

Mila has never looked back and she continues to gain weight and thrive.